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Welcome to Homespun Hacks! I’ve got one friend who has been trying to get my wife and me to start a blog for ages. Probably a couple years at this point. She may be the only one who reads this, but I thought I’d give it a go anyhow. Here’s what we do differently at HH Headquarters that is different than most people I know: 

We cook.

That’s right, we menu plan one week at a time, go to the grocery store, buy ingredients, and cook. In all fairness, what I really do is menu plan one day and we eat that day’s worth of food over and over… well, times seven usually. Same thing, every day, all week. Seven of the same breakfast, lunch, supper (for lack of a better word), and dinner. 

When people hear how food is managed at HHH, there are usually two reactions. 

1.)  That is so cool! (or some variation on that theme)

more commonly:

2.) What?!?!?! You eat the same thing EVERY DAY? That must be SO BORING! That’s just terrrible!

So before you get to incensed on my wife’s behalf, let me tell you about people and their usuals. I work at a coffee shop and the vast majority of our customers get the same drink. Every day. There are people who get the same extra hot drink & toasted pastry when it’s a sweltering summer day, there are people who hold fast to their iced lattes when our parking lot could double as a skating rink. Every day, year round. Some of those people get the same food item. Every day. Three hundred eighty calories of white flour, sugar, and flavoring. EVERY DAY. 

Now think about this. When you go to your favorite restaurant, do you have a favorite menu item? Do you think to yourself, “Oh, I should get something else, but what if it’s not as good as my favorite entree, the thing I usually get?” 

Maybe in that context, seven days of the same menu isn’t so terrible. You think? You’ll see, I keep food in this house varied and interesting. 

I’m sure we do a few other things differently around here, but nothing terribly unique- I’m more likely to DIY something than take an easier route , which can result in some strange sewing and knitting projects. With very few exceptions, I haven’t thus far been much interested in making my own recipes, but I do destroy and reconstruct other people’s recipes to suit my needs.