Hopefully I’ll get up some semblance of a recipe for breakfast taquitos this weekend. You know you want it. They’re so good. In the meantime, here’s an update on how our menu is weathering the week:

Breakfast- The taquitos so good that K requested a repeat of them next week. She doesn’t do that very often. I agree, but even more importantly for me, they’re filling. The chopped melon seems to be lasting the week okay. The watermelon isn’t quite as hardy as the cantaloupe and honeydew are, but everything’s still perfectly edible.

Lunch- The fruit salad is okay. I was hoping to combat any discoloration with the addition of pineapple juice & oranges. No such luck, but everything tastes fine. As for the curried eggless salad…

I had such high hopes. It looks lovely, right? There’s an eggless breakfast scramble recipe we both love. Curry is very well received at HH Headquarters- generally, the more curry the better. We scoff at recipes that call for a tablespoon of curry powder. A tablespoon? Please! Try two. Or three! To start with, that is. This recipe, though? Big thumbs down. Even though it’s got raw onion, even though I added less than half the chutney the recipe called for, even though I tried to boost the flavor by adding a little cayenne and it already called for plenty of curry… this recipe is somehow very sweet. It kind of sucks. I’m still on a lookout for a good eggless salad recipe for lunches, but this is definitely not it! No repeat performance for this one.

Supper- Salads are fine. Mine would probably be better if I could remember to eat them this week. An insistent refusal by one or both of us to remember to eat something usually a sign that I need to do something totally different next week.

Dinner- The lentil sloppy joes are fantastic. I’m still going to try some modifications next time, but there will for sure be a next time. The rolls the mix is going on are kind of unremarkable, but they’re adequate.

Now if only I could focus on next week’s menu long enough to write the grocery list out…