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A little late, but here we go!

Breakfast: Half an apple, half an orange, Breakfast Taquitos. I’m not kidding folks, these are awesome.

Lunch: Pre-blended smoothies. K likes to let hers warm up to virtually room temperature before eating them, I like mine half-frozen. I was originally supposed to be out & about with K on Sunday morning, which cuts into cooking time. One of the advantages of smoothies is that it doesn’t much matter when you blend and freeze them. To churn out 14 smoothies takes me 45-60 minutes of prep and blending. Each pair of smoothies has a kiwi, a peach or nectarine, 1 sweeter apple (Gala in this case), half of a more tart apple (Granny Smith), an orange, a banana, and a heavy splash of not-milk. There was a container of soy open in the fridge already, but usually I will make milk from a nut neither of us cares for plain (hazelnut, walnut, pecan).

From 1000 Vegan Recipes, the chicken salad and ka-pow tofu (to substitute in for the ambiguous ‘marinated tofu’ called for in the salad recipe). First impression was great- fresh, crunchy, good mix of flavors.

Instead of

1) wasting gas to run out to the Asian food store in Beaverton for vegetarian oyster sauce or

2) buying the “fish flavored sauce” whose second ingredient was high fructose corn syrup*

we used a a gluten-free Asian-ish marinade we already had. Usually, I fork over the extra money to buy low-sodium tamari. Last week we were cutting it a little close so I went the cheap route and bought the regular tamari. It’s more than a dollar difference, which I resent, but was a necessary evil at the time. Maybe it was the combination of those two things, but by the time Monday rolled around, that dish was a bit salty. So salty, I choked it down at work only by chasing it with iced tea after every couple bites. Call me melodramatic. I’m planning to rifle through the cupboards today and add either some plain brown rice or brown rice pasta to this dish to try to deal with the salt.

Supper: White Bean & Artichoke Dip with cucumber slices. (Recipe here). I keep meaning to troll through this site for recipes because this? It’s amazing. Double plus bonus that once made, it can be frozen. We made this for our wedding in August and put the unused in the freezer when we got home. It wasn’t all that popular with wedding guests- I’m guessing it has to do with the grey-ish-green-ish color?- but you should try it anyhow. I suggest going the add-a-fresh-jalapeno route- not all that spicy, but it adds a fresh flavor even after it’s been frozen and defrosted.

Dinner: Southwest Tomato and Pinto Bean Soup. House favorite. This soup is on the menu at least once every couple months. I copy recipes onto my computer from   various places- magazines and cookbooks at the library, websites…  They all have their original sources listed on the bottom now, but this is from one of the first  batches and I have no idea where it came from. It’s a simple soup, but it calls for broiled poblano peppers which make the broth nice and rich.

*See How We Eat