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Last week (the week where meals were supposed to be precooked and frozen) was not a banner week here at HH Headquarters. It turns out that, once frozen solid, the sloppy joe mix takes at least 30 minutes to defrost on the stove without burning. The end of the night usually starts around 5:00 around here, but if it gets to 6:00 and we’re just putting dinner on? We don’t have 30 minutes to reheat dinner before eating and I’m always trying to be in bed by 7:30.

Plus, I never did get around to precooking those waffle sandwiches. I put the waffles in the freezer and we just rolled both those meals over to this week and foraged. It’s not my favorite way to spend a week of lunches, but sometimes it just happens that way.  So…

Breakfast: Sweet Potato Pie Oatmeal from Forks Over Knives by Del Sroufe. I enjoyed the documentary and this was strategically placed on an endcap while I was cookbook shopping at Powell’s recently. There are certainly worse things to impulse buy.  I hope. This has turned out to be the densest (despite adding water not called for in the recipe) slowest-to-reheat breakfast I’ve had on the menu in either a) a long time or b) ever. Cold, it’s disgusting. Hot, it’s fine- too sweet even though I didn’t add all the molasses the recipe called for. Or, maybe I don’t like the molasses that’s in there. Certainly there’s plenty…

When you multiply recipes, quantities get crazy. This was split among ten servings. That’s almond milk on the top and molasses on the bottom.

Lunch- Southwest Quinoa. Salad. Sort of. K related a meal a classmate of hers at school was having last week- quinoa with salsa instead of half the water plus some cashew cream on top. I’m not crazy for quinoa, but she really wanted to try this. My take was to cook four cups of quinoa in eight cups of water with some cumin and black pepper, then add two containers of salsa, two cans of unsalted corn, and four julienned bell peppers. K told me today she eats this hot, I always intended it to be a cold salad. As such, I like it as much as I like any quinoa dish but more so with a dollop of sour cream.

Raw bell peppers aren’t my fav, but I tossed them in the hot quinoa before adding anything else to let them steam a little bit.

Supper- Waffle Sandwiches with a cup of tomato soup. It’s been two and a half weeks since we made the waffles so I don’t remember which cookbook we got the recipe out of. If I did, I wouldn’t use it again. They don’t hold together very well and have sort of a strange undertaste to them. Waffle sandwiches will definitely happen again, though.

Dinner- Sloppy Joes from Gluten-Free on a Shoestring. I added a scant teaspoon of liquid smoke this time. Still excellent, but with a tiny barbecue twist.

Dessert- We don’t often have dessert, but this week I made Mexican Chocolate Sorbet from The Ultimate Ice Cream Book. K doesn’t love the Mexican part (cinnamon and a little almond extract), but I think it’s amazing!