I live in Portland, OR with my wife, K. Since 2008 or so I’ve cooked all our food for the week on Sunday. Initially, I cooked two menus for the week- one for three days, another for the alternating four. Eventually the menu evolved to a week-long affair. We eat the same thing, Monday through Sunday, for one week.

A week of the same menu does a few things for me.

  • It saves time. We reheat meals as we go. Early mornings are rarely spent rushing around trying to put lunch together.
  • It saves money. Neither of us ever buys lunch while at school or work. I try to buy exactly what I need of fresh ingredients. Except for onions or grapes, extra produce goes in the dog’s food.
  • It means I don’t have to deal with leftovers. Everything is a leftover. Nothing is a leftover. On Cooking Day, everything is parceled into serving containers. Breakfast and dinner go into 7 containers which we reheat at mealtimes. Lunch and supper go into 14 containers.

Some things we do a little differently around Homespun Hacks Headquarters-

  • Despite all the reheating that goes on, we don’t own a microwave. At the beginning of 2012 we traded in our rotting-from-the-inside-out microwave for a good old-fashioned toaster oven. Food comes out of it hotter and more real (read: less rubbery!) tasting. Soups get reheated on the stove.
  • We keep a mostly meatless home. I dislike most meat in most forms- I rarely if ever cook it at home. K prefers to not eat much meat, which is convenient for her since it means she gets food cooked for her. 😉
  • K was diagnosed with Celiac  Disease in June of 2012 so our entire menu is gluten-free. She’s in good company, we’ve home-cooked gluten-free food for our dog since he was a year or two old.

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