How We Eat

I care a lot about the details in our food. It’s one of the two big reasons we eat so much home-cooked food (where details includes healthiness of our food, the second big reason is cost). If I can relatively easily make something from scratch, I will. If a recipe calls for beans, it’s a pretty safe bet that I’m going to cook dry beans rather than pop open a can. Where I can’t use fresh, I prefer frozen vegetables. These are simple ways to control the ingredients in our food, particularly our salt, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup intake. 

I use kosher rock salt for cooking- it has the lowest sodium content of the readily available salts at my local supermarkets- and I use it sparingly. Our table salt is iodized sea salt- it has the lowest sodium content of the readily available fine grain salts.

Generally speaking, I avoid tee-totaling and prefer to avoid things I don’t want to eat without being extremist. However, I do subscribe to a teetotal policy on gluten in its many forms, high fructose corn syrup, and rBST dairy products. As a result, the pantry usually has a variety of gluten-free flours (our favorites so far are brown rice, white bean, and sorghum) and raw nuts. The supermarket I frequent doesn’t carry any rBST-free dairy outside of the organic milk and living with someone who doesn’t much care for milk means for me that I use it more in cooking than anything else. 

With sugar, I try to cut and substitute. When we can afford it, I buy organic. For tea/coffee I stick to organic coconut sugar. I don’t know if it actually is less sweet, but instead of tasting just sweet like white sugar, it tastes like something. K seems to prefer honey and coconut sugar. I reduce sugar quantities in baked items, but mostly try to keep them to a minimum. If it’s on the menu, it’s usually in a miniaturized form.


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